What even IS a yoga retreat?

Essentially, a yoga retreat is a time in your calendar that you get to mark as 'off the grid' and just for you.   This retreat series is unique as it goes beyond the yoga practice to include daily empowerment and coaching sessions; from the yoga, to the meditation, to the farm-to-table meals, to the empowerment sessions, our retreats wholly nourish your body, mind, and thirst for adventure.   It's a week where you get to focus on you, discover new things, find adventure, and create real connection with new people. Our intention is for you to leave feeling renewed, restored, and ready for what's ahead. 


What kind of yoga experience do I need to have?

Any, all, none, it's all good!  Our retreats include daily yoga which can be modified or expanded to meet any level of practice.  We encourage and teach you to listen to your body and take your practice to its unique place.  We also hold optional yoga classes in the afternoons that cover beginner alignment and advanced asana.  Whoever you are, whatever your practice, we've got you covered.  

What kind of yoga do you do on retreat?

Our retreats include several daily yoga sessions.  Depending on the day's intention, we'll practice:

  • Vinyasa: a fairly physical and dynamic style of yoga
  • Slow flow: a slower paced class that still includes strength building and standing postures
  • Yin: a floor-based practiced with long, juicy holds

I've never meditated.  Do you do that on retreat?

You bet!  Every morning.  We have a wide-range of experience levels on retreat, and we always create meditation in a way that's accessible for each person.

Do you REALLY take us on a yacht on the Amalfi coast?  Or a camel in Marrakech?

Absolutely.  Things we don't joke about: yachts, camels, and life-changing adventures.

What do I need to bring?

We'll get in touch with you a few months before the retreat with a suggested packing list!  Spoiler: yoga clothes make a pretty big cameo.

Do the retreats include all meals?

All of our retreats include delicious breakfasts and dinners.  Lunch can be purchased wherever you like during your exploration of the surrounding areas!  

Are airport transfers included?

Yes!  We'll get in touch closer to the retreat date to find out your arrival and departure time, and we'll organise everything on our end to ensure your pick up and drop off are as smooth as possible.

What's in the 'goodie bags' you mentioned?

We can't tell you that!  We CAN tell you that they're awesome.  Even if you weren't coming on retreat it might be worth buying a space just to receive one... 

Is it better to go with someone or should I book alone?

Both!  It can be so nice to find new experiences and explore parts of the world with a friend, partner, or family member.   Equally beautiful, though, is the chance to step away from your life, gain a different perspective, and create new connections with people from around the world.  It's really a personal preference, and whatever you decide, your experience will be unforgettable.

Have more questions?  We're here to help!  Get in touch using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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